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Fresh Off The Stagecoach - Assist a New Recruit Weekly Modded Hero Discussion Thread #8: Omen Seeker New DLC incoming - The Butcher’s Circus! H E R O C O R P S E S On the Old Road, we beat RNG Not That Kind of Circus, Heir. 1 in 6000 Ever had someone get shouted to death? When I see the opponents party has a Vestal in Butchers Circus. Koala's Creature Collection is Now OUT!! - April 2nd is upon us!  

Latest Steam Announcements for Darkest Dungeon

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
We weren't joking - The Butcher's Circus DLC is coming in May! Play intense PVP arena battles against your friends and enemies alike.

Pick your party & loadout, and let the games begin!


”A moment of clarity in the eye of the storm..."

Here are this weeks mods:

The Windcaller by Power

The Windcaller is a Buff/Debuff focused Support Hero, built around Pushing and Pulling both friend and foe alike. With strong gusts of wind she can disrupt enemy positioning, weakening them in the process and leaving them vulnerable. Should your opponents do the same, she can simply Slingshot your heroes to the frontline, or Whisk them away To Safety in the backline. If your team can handle it, she can also grant a huge buff to Dodge, Speed, and Crit chance, at the cost of Shuffling your entire party in a Wild Whirlwind.

She works well in stationary teams with fixed positioning, able to easily reposition heroes back in their proper locations should they be shuffled or moved. But she also works wonders in teams built around dancing and moving around, taking advantage of strong buffs and offering a unique party-wide shuffle to buff up your heroes. Whether it's keeping a Leper firmly planted in the frontline with Storming Slingshot, or shuffling your Grave Robber around to spam Lunge, she's got plenty to offer to any team while avoiding overstepping onto the roles of vanilla characters.

The Alchemist by Shay , Alexrkseth, Kenthril, Loki Laufey, and Rothag

The Alchemist is a group project mod that adds a brand new hero to Darkest Dungeon. This hero is completely custom, with all new sprites, skills, sounds, and animations, as well as a complete set of unique trinkets and color palettes.

The Alchemist specializes in draining the life from her opponents to channel into her allies, equally capable of healing or inflicting damage and debuffs. As she deals damage, so does her healing output grow stronger, making her a flexible combatant. Her unique summon abilities, the Homunculus and the Lab Rat, are capable of providing additional support via either guarding her allies or ravaging her enemies.

"The Alchemist, despite her unsettling nature and abominable appendage, finds herself often saving the lives of her comrades. Her research and many experiments have rewarded her with great restorative abilities that can be further empowered through offensive action. In addition, she is accompanied by her lab-grown assistants that fiercely protect her, and whoever she calls an ally."

Thank you to the creators for their hard work and talent!

If you would like to suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord here:
"A moment of valor shines brightest against a backdrop of despair."
We hope you all can remain Stalwart and Vigorous during this time and can find some solace through these mods!

Here are this weeks mods:

The Rightful Heiress by kaxen

Disgusted by the line of suitors claiming to be an improvement to her station in life, the Heiress returned to the cursed family estate with a fire for battle despite her own inexperience. Fortified by wine, she seeks to wade into the nightmare despite the hopelessness of the undertaking.

Heiress is a more offensive version of The Rightful Heir, boasting decent damage and mark proficiency, with few support abilities, while still having a signature ability of heir to collect and store more heirlooms while in a dungeon. Heirloom bonuses increase with the amount of heiresses in the party, and does not conflict with heir's ability, if you run both of them in same party.

The Clobber by anonymous_koala and Sasiji

Clobber is the Weald's guardian, who after years of watching his home be corrupted by the Hag's fungus, brigands, bloodsuckers and pretty much every enemy faction in the game at this point, decided he had enough and is ready to CRUSH the evildoers. Other things included in this mod are 12 new trinkets, a new district, a custom town event, and a new mechanic: chaining together rapid punches until Clobber is exhausted, through his "Punchout" skill!

Thank you to the modders for their incredible creations! And thank you everyone for your continued support!

If you would like to suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord here:

"The abyss returns even the boldest gaze."

Here are this weeks mods:

Bits and Pieces; A Monster Trinket Mod by Power

This is a trinket mod called Bits & Pieces, which adds in a whole bunch of rare unique trinkets to a bunch of different enemies, with the trinkets they drop mimicking the stats/abilities/flavor of whatever enemy dropped them. Adds in 28 trinkets so far to 25 enemies, and I'm still planning on adding more trinkets to it, along with doing trinkets for DLC enemies as well later on.

Abyssal Horror Miniboss by Slightly_Seal and Dismas

The Abyssal Horror Miniboss mod is a roaming miniboss that can appear in champion(lv. 5) Cove quests.

There's a town event that occurs once the player has 4 lv 5 heroes and is past week 12. This town event triggers a medium length plot quest in the cove that has a guaranteed encounter with the Abyssal Horror. After completing this quest, the Abyssal Horror has an 8% chance to appear at any champion Cove quest.

Thank you to the creators for these amazing mods!

If you would like suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord server:
"Fan the flames! Mold the metal! We are raising an army!"

A mod army that is!

One of our Discord server moderators presented to us a fun idea to showcase some mods each week on our server. We agreed and decided to take it one step further and share them here as well. The main purpose is to put (usually) lesser known or new mods of all and every kind up on showcase for people to see.

Here are last weeks and this weeks mods:

Thank you to these amazing modders for all their hard work and talent!

If you would like to suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord and DM our moderator in charge of the mod-showcase!

"Women and men; soldiers and outlaws; fools and corpses. All will find their way to us now that the road is clear."

Our second mod contest ever held has concluded and the results are in! We first announced the contest on our Discord on November 18th and opened up submissions on January 19th. There were three amazing entries that you can see below!

The theme of the contest was Winter or Celebration, and modders were allowed to work in teams to make any type of mod.

Mod Contest Winners:

?? First: ??

Bogatyr Class Mod:
Slightly_Seal - Coding/Design
Miraclebutt - Animation/Writing
S-Purple - Art Assets/Concepting
Smarmy Mormon Jesus - Help w/ Coding/Cut Artworks for Anim
totally not anonymous_koala - Help w/ Animation

?? Second: ??

The Itinerant Cook:
Mhnlo - Art/Animation
BayBot - Coding/Sound

?? Third: ??

How the Bandits Stole Christmas:
Snorlaxxo - Gameplay Design/Code
kaxen - Design/Art/Animation

Next contest will be held this month and will be an emoji contest! More details to come!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. To join the Darkest Dungeon Discord Server, click the link below:

“A spark without kindling is a goal without hope.”
Did you know there’s a Darkest Dungeon Official Discord server with 11k+ Stalwart members?

The server started off as a place for testers to communicate with each other, give us feedback, and report bugs. We opened the server to the public just after CoM release, and by November 2019 we had 10k members! The server is a great place for all players, from new Seekers to Legends to chat, make new friends, and help each other out!

We regularly hold a variety of contests and are excited to be holding our 2nd mod contest!

The contest was previously announced on our server in November. Participants are allowed to work in teams up to 5 and can create any type of mod as long as it has a Winter or Celebration theme. Mod must be a new mod created for the contest, starting from November 18th, 2019.

Submissions close on Jan 27th!

Come join our Discord server by clicking here[], for great company and more details on the contest!

Steam Build #24839
Darkest Dungeon
  • Change to assert message for running out of solutions.
  • Fix to estate summary bug with district buttons and controller.
  • Fix to districts blocking character sheet input with controller.
  • Fix for Fanatic's background offset bug
  • Fix to heroes not having combat_end buffs cleared on retreat.
  • Fix for shards collected amount not showing up on raid results screen
  • Fix roster scrolling w/ controller at high fps
  • Fix to monster AOE Friendly skills not working with one 2 slot monsters and 2 1 slot monsters.
  • Add command line argument to disable monster preloading. If you have white box issues please try this, but please note it will cause the game to stutter at battle start
    • -disable_monster_pre_loading
  • Additional heart attack variables cleared. Fixes stress relief activities for heroes that died of a heart attack when lost in time and space.

  • Doubled the default allocated resources.
Steam Build #24787
Darkest Dungeon
  • Fix to an activity log crash with Chinese font.
  • Fixed a typo in in Ghoul_B brain, deafening whine is now skull toss
  • Changed Bone Bearer’s Unholy Rally skill to prevent over-summoning.
  • Fix to Hag soft lock and various errors
  • Fixed a bug where act out comments would prevent heart attacks and afflictions on the pyre or in the cauldron.
  • Fix to battle saving stall and consecutive crit / dodge battle variables.
  • Using just one pop up font for Korean. Fixes missing pop up characters in Koreanb.
  • Fix to ignore stealth tag on aoe monster skills.
  • Reordered skill side effects with unselecting skill so that selection remains during side effects (fixes restraining padlock trinket’s stress damage reduction on party)
  • Fix to invalidate stall skill flag not being used with some enemy-targeting low damage skills (i.e. Man-at-arms’ Bellow)
  • Updated corpses to not prevent stall acceleration.
  • District controller support added. Open districts with “Square” button.
  • Controller: Show inventory frame on empty items in the raid inventory.
  • DLC related: Added Shieldbreaker, Flagellant and Musketeer upgrade overrides for different modes.
  • Added ignore_stealth to Shrieker skills to avoid stealthed hero exploit. (Sorry, not sorry)
  • Fix to hero ai (siren, random command act out ) not taking stealth into account with aoe.
  • Additional ignore_stealth improvements to Vvulf & Ancestor
  • Mod support: Added “Was Hit” trinket effects
  • Mod support: Fix to mod compatibility with duplicate trinket rarities.

The Crimson Court
  • Fix to prisoner room crashes and errors.
  • Fix to Countess egg error in graveyard
  • Hook up tooltip to infestation banner with controller.
  • Fix to icon tooltip for infestation banner.
  • Typo fix to graveyard entry for death by drinking blood

The Color of Madness
  • Fixed a bug where skills wouldn’t refresh between 2 wave raids
  • Fix to death effects not showing up when waves get cleared.
  • Fixed bug where threshold rewards were no longer properly awarded
  • Endless Harvest now gives out xp and rewarded quirks have been updated
  • Endless Rewards are given out even if haven't "completed" the quest
  • Added quirks rewards at end of Endless when reaching at least first threshold
  • Fix to skip curio / proceed wave overlay positions.
  • Fix to Color of Madness kill count achievements being off by one.
  • Enabled Hot area for Party Position to proceed. (Walking to the edge of the ‘room’ will allow you to proceed like normal dungeons when using controllers )