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Level Editor & Bugfix Update V1.02 Vanilla Rube Goldberg Machine Contest! Fast reloading, long range steam artillery. Sorry for recording by phone, but I was recording really at 3 am and didn't have a recording program yet. The cannon will be mounted on a ground platform, and on tracked vehicle. Flight test map Hot Air Balloon uploaded :D Who agrees that vanilla creations are much better than these made with mods, because using mods is kind of cheating? Ride to Hell My first Hovercraft! It works with a mod that enables me to change the speed of steamcannons during simulation and with sensors! Its still work in progress, because it only changes height VERY slow.. On demand i can upload it to the workshop. Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 GSR - try rolling this! Made a hot air balloon but somehow it make me feel uncomfortable  

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