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Latest Steam Announcements for Divinity Original Sin


The Gazette prides itself on bringing you the latest and greatest breaking news about all things Larian, and the insider stories that go with it.

Yesterday‘s headline was the show-stopping, heart-pounding revelation that “LARIAN STUDIOS IS MAKING BALDUR’S GATE 3!” A teaser trailer of our new role-playing game was unveiled yesterday, and it was so spectacularly intense that the internet went into auto-censorship mode. In case you missed it - and you have the stomach for it - you can find the uncut version here:

The Gazette was more than a little intrigued by the mind flayer invasion of Baldur’s Gate. Our best reporter pursued their slimy trail to discover how Larian convinced Wizards of the Coast to let them unleash their madness on the crown jewel of the Sword Coast.

The brave reporter went deep undercover and resurfaced with a harrowing tale involving no less than the brutal abduction of Wizards’ own Mike Mearls! Interpol has been alerted of the situation, and you, dear reader, may rest assured that the Gazette is monitoring the situation closely! In the meantime, please enjoy our full video report:

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Speaking of social media: try using the hashtags #gatheryourparty, #baldursgate3, and #bg3 when tweeting to see our brand new Mindflayer Emoji!

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We thought we'd let you know that, as a fan of Divinity: Original Sin 1, you would be interested to know that we have just released Divinity: Original Sin 2 in Early Access, right here on Steam.

It's an entirely new adventure, with lots of new features, improvements and a vastly upgraded RPG engine. You can now choose your race and origin story, and a tag system allows us to make the world react differently to your choices in character creation and in the game.

You can still blast your opponents with different elements, but we've added height gameplay, more surfaces, more surface interactions and magic armour and physical armour. The RPG system and balancing got a complete overhaul. The treasure generation was reimagined. You name it, we changed it because D:OS2 is a new game!

Explore the vast and layered world of Rivellon alone or do it now in an up to 4 player multiplayer campaign, with our drop-in/drop-out cooperative play.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an entirely new experience built on the next-gen Divinity Engine, with a new UI, an all-new art-style, and more advanced roleplay systems. Of course, everything that made the original game great is still there: go anywhere you want, kill anyone, interact with everything, find endless ways to solve problems and gather your ultimate RPG party.

If this has piqued your interest, have a look:

See you around!

- on behalf of Larian Studios
In this latest update, you’ll find a prototype of our first-ever foray into virtual reality. For full details, check out our latest Kickstarter update.

We’ve also just released the editor we used to create Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition. Find out more at our editor community and get modding!

Hi everyone,

We just released a new patch for Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition. Most fixes related to the storyline will work straight away when you load your savegame, though there are a few exceptions that will only be visible when you create a new game.

You can find the full list of changes below.

  • Made certain ingredients for recipes drop more often
  • Updated weapon stats for Bairdotr's bow
  • Added Tectonic Spray skillbook recipe
  • Added notification when failing to identify an item
  • Rebalanced combat at the end of the game
  • Tweaked mushroom combats in Dark Forest (related to poison clouds)
  • Protection crystals are not destructible by default
  • Tweaked headless zombie behavior
  • Tweaked Icara and Icandra script to not use healing spells on characters that have Zombie Talent
  • Removed 10 page limit for books
  • Fixed select button in character creation for classes that only take skills from one skill school
  • Fixed icon for Burn My Eyes scroll
  • Fixed issues with bottom bar not refreshing correctly
  • Fixed issue with active search while character is being teleported
  • Fixed getting stuck in dialog with Zixzax near endgame (and possibly other scenarios)
  • Fixed NPC behavior issues regarding exchanging items between party members and
  • involuntarily triggering guard response
  • Fixed slider for splitting items
  • Fixed position issues for Turn Order interface, specifically in splitscreen mode
  • Fixed issue with dialogs that had several possible answers
  • Fixed crash regarding surfaces
  • Fixed dialog issue regarding Bjorn and Mara escort quest
  • Fixed Warden chasing Hopper in Hiberheim
  • Fixed having dead party members that could not be resurrected
  • Fixed bartering issue when bartering and donating same items
  • Fixed several effects that were looping after combat ended
  • Fixed certain types of enemy wards being incorrectly aligned with players
  • Fixed Zixzax not opening certain rooms in Homestead
  • Fixed amulet being automatically equipped (Hiberheim)
  • Fixed certain status descriptions
  • Fixed henchmen changing stats on reload
  • Fixed crash during unloading of level
  • Fixed possible rare crash when using doors to load a different region
  • Fixed projectile orientation in certain circumstances
  • Fixed ‘close’ button on book interface
  • Fixed map markers being shown in different regions
  • Fixed Headless Nick giving two skillbooks
Have you been waiting, controller in hand, to dive into Rivellon on your Steam Box? Well now you can! As of today, Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition is available for Mac, Linux, and SteamOS, opening up the world of Rivellon to a new wave of Source Hunters.

We took the opportunity to update the PC version so that it’s in synch with the Mac & Linux version and we also fixed a number of stability issues reported by players.

Let us know what you think on Twitter at @LarianStudios, and follow us on Facebook at for all the latest news on the Enhanced Edition and Divinity: Original Sin 2!

And happy holidays!
Hi Everyone,

We have been working on a larger patch, of which you can find the changelist below.

If there are still issues preventing you from enjoying your time in Rivellon after this patch, do not hesitate to report them via our forums or our support channels.

This version also includes several fixes for blind status not being applied correctly.

  • On-screen notifications improved
  • Added range to grenade tool-tips
  • Added correct feedback to use of certain skills in skills menu and hotbar
  • Added feature that allows you to equip items from other characters in your party via equipment screen (controller only)
  • Added henchman class icons to henchmen list
  • Added several missing sound events
  • Improved scrolling in several interfaces
  • Improved default sound levels
  • Changed collecting behaviour for stacked items inside containers
  • Fixed input issue with identifying items
  • Fixed issue that could block connectivity to local host on startup and new game
  • Fixed UI issues in options menu
  • Fixed graphical issues in endgame level
  • Fixed camera issues during combat
  • Fixed character assignment issues
  • Fixed item names flickering when a lot of loot is on the screen
  • Fixed various UI issues related to text not fitting in message-boxes
  • Fixed blocking issue related to loading while several characters are in dialog/listening mode
  • Fixed Combat flow issue
  • Fixed issue with cancelling an action removing sneak mode
  • Fixed usability issues with picking up items near player characters
  • Fixed issue with disappearing statuses during combat
  • Fixed stuck camera input when ending turn
  • Fixed game freezing when joining lobby twice
  • Fixed update of tool-tips when identifying
  • Fixed crafting with ingredients in containers
  • Fixed destruction of disarm toolkit when cancelling action
  • Fixed camera focus issue during the play at the fair in Cyseal
  • Fixed loyalty issue between AI personality and main player
  • Fixed issue with skill requirement if you already have the skill from a wand
  • Fixed compare with offhand weapon in inventory and trade
  • Fixed pick up issue related to weight and stacked items
  • Fixed general problem with getting stuck in dialog
  • Fixed issue that combat music would stop when disconnecting a controller
  • Fixed shambling mound wand recipe
  • Fixed several localization issues
  • Fixed Multiplayer crash related to host having player profile window open
  • Fixed wands sometimes not adding skill to hotbar
  • Fixed issues with text not fitting on several screens
  • Fixed henchman filters
  • Fixed crash related to having too many items in player inventories and trader inventories (savegames should load now)
  • Fixed Hortun and Charla quest not ending correctly (Phantom Forest)
  • Fixed crash when closing the game
  • Fixed getting stuck when dying with a shovel in hand
  • Fixed wrong alignments with certain NPC's (usually in the End of Time)
  • Fixed several issues related to magic mirror in End of Time region
  • Fixed issues with exploding corpses
  • Fixed Mouse leaving screen in full screen mode
  • Fixed possible crash while using pickpocket
Hi everyone,

We got some reports about people liking and using the auto-stacking in containers, so we put that back. So if you now pick up arrows or give arrows to your ranger that was keeping them in a backpack, they will automatically end up in that backpack again!

However, items will not, of course, automatically stack in any locked containers that you are carrying. So here's a hotfix for that!

We also fixed a lever in Hiberheim not reacting the way it should, and if you had a savegame made in Luculla Forest that crashed the game, it'll now work again!

Here's a detailed changelist:

  • Fixed unlocking the lever in Hiberheim with a key
  • Fixed icon and text for containers that were already opened and empty
  • Pickpocket crash fix for taking items that had no weight
  • Fixed a leak in video playback thread
  • Items automatically stack if character already had item in container (e.g. backpack, chest, crate) unless that container is locked
  • Lucky find effect fixed
  • Fixed crash that happened for some savegames that were made in Luculla forest (trying to destroy troll dropping)

Have fun!

Hi everyone,

Our latest patch fixes a few more issues we've seen popping up.
Please keep reporting the issues you encounter via community forums or our support page.

  • on pickup: do not stack items automatically inside a container in your inventory
  • fixed disarm toolkit being destroyed on cancelling disarm
  • fixed Victoria's book: Forgotten Language of Faery not always generating correctly
  • fixed summon spells or other tasks being cancelled during casting due to tutorial pop-up
  • henchman UI : added class icon
  • Fixed minor issues with crafting
  • Fixed problem with holding button to craft on high FPS
  • Fixed henchman UI disappearing on controller layout
  • Fixed henchman base stats
  • Fixed camera issue with play at the fair in Cyseal
  • Honour mode now correctly deletes savegame on game over
  • Fixed skills not being reset during character respec
  • Stat and ability point compendiums no longer disappear from vendor
  • Fixed not being able to right-click in sneak mode
  • Fixed some containers not opening
  • Fixed issue with skillbook requirements when you already have this skill from wand
  • Fixed button hint position of containers when opening from active search or inventory
  • Fixed popping left and right for compare tooltips
  • Fixed zoom being blocked when chatlog is pinned
  • Fixed pickpocket only working once when stealing nothing
  • Fixed issues with tutorials in split-screen
  • While in controller mode and pressing alt-f4, allow keyboard and mouse input
  • Fixed crash when dragging and picking up items at the same time
  • Fixed black screen issue when switching active character right before loading other region
  • Fixed camera focus issue on void dragon
Hi Everyone,

We are updating Original Sin: Enhanced Edition in response to some reports from the community. If you have more feedback on important issues, please keep reporting them via support or forums and we will do our best to get them solved quickly.

  • Fix for invisible items in containers
  • Fix for Crafting interface in Polish
  • Fix for book interface in Russian
  • Fix for sometimes having to click multiple times to pick up items
  • Fix for not being able to assign skill points under certain conditions
Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you for all your positive feedback. We hope you continue to have fun in Rivellon!

Version brings some necessary fixes that were discovered right after launch:

  • Fix for crashing book UI in 4K resolutions
  • Fix for rare case where items could become invisible. Items will be restored.
  • Fix for backspace not working in chat
  • Added error message for windows vista and windows 7 without SP1
  • Fixed blocking issue in French that would block progress in combat
  • Fixed incorrect text in Russian in chat window
  • Fixed direct connect issue when no internet connection
  • Fixed equipping from other inventory

Have fun everybody!