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[Official SDG] What is Unturned II? The Server Advertisement Megathread False sense of proudness be like Redesign of Hospitality Survival server deaths are the most sad How to edit times for salvaging buildables? Attempt at a UII Sedan: Volkswagen Passat Bug/problem with map making. #vehicles Scrubs together strong Every damn time. Template by u/farmerzombie  

Latest Steam Announcements for Unturned

This update brings improvements to all aspects of the game from fixes to features. Highlights include:
  • Post-processing effects have been upgraded for performance, quality, and fixes. In particular the first-person viewmodel skins now benefit from ambient occlusion and bloom.
  • Valid underground spaces have been manually designated, so players out-of-bounds are automatically teleported back into the map. Along with fixes to miscellaneous physics exploits this ought to put a stop to underground glitch bases.
  • Many new toys for creators from the basis of custom weather events (e.g. sandstorms) to replacing the vanilla crafting recipes in total conversions.

Update Notes:
Gameplay Changes:
  • Added Non-Headshot Armor Multiplier to zombie config for difficulty or headshot-only modes.
  • Added Bypass_Buildable_Mobility to gameplay config which allows sentry guns and beds on vehicles.
  • Allow_Instakill_Headshots player config applies to zombies when Weapons_Use_Player_Damage is enabled.
  • Passengers cannot repair their vehicle unless per-vehicle Can_Repair_While_Seated is enabled.
  • Oil pumpjacks and fuel tanks can hold more gasoline.
  • Cannot build on vehicles with occupied seats.
Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Accepted several new skin submissions from the curated workshop. View
  • Added confirmation button to menu notifications replacing the dismissal timer.
  • Added underground whitelist volumes that teleport out-of-bounds players back above the terrain.
  • Added timeout when loading map is finished and waiting for server to accept connection.
  • Replaced client-side Steam inventory quantity consolidation with automatic server-side stacking.
  • Anonymous name is shown rather than groupmate nickname while in streamer mode.
  • Upgraded from Unity's post process stack v1 to v2.
  • Zombies stuck during horde beacon are teleported to a valid spawn point.
  • Reworked third-person camera to use sphere sweeps (rather than raycasts) when testing for obstructions.
  • Master bundle hashes are included in game asset hashes to prevent overriding with modified versions. Edit: temporarily disabled.
  • Structures disable LOD group culling to prevent entities from being seen inside bases.
  • Moved asset bundles into per-platform depots to reduce download sizes.
Server Hosting:
  • Added support for Steam game server login tokens. Docs[]
  • Warn about old versions of RocketMod during server startup. Newer versions have important fixes. Docs[]
  • Linux script defaults to steamcmd's if available.
  • "+connect" command-line argument properly works with non-standard ports. (Only used 27015-27030 range before.)
  • Added -OfflineOnly command-line flag for dedicated servers that disables requests to internet. In LAN mode it skips the Steam backend connection and uses locally cached workshop items. There will need to be some netcode reworking before purely offline multiplayer is fully supported.
Custom Modding:
  • Added ability for song assets to use master bundle references and legacy localization. Docs[]
  • Added Valid_Speed_Up and Valid_Speed_Down for vehicles to override sanity checks. (meters per second)
  • Added Relevant_Distance setting to effect assets. Players within this radius will be sent the effect in multiplayer.
  • Added support for multiple blade IDs per weapon.
  • Added Allow_Horde_Beacon setting to zombie difficulty assets.
  • Added Can_Player_Equip setting to items useful for sentry-only weapons.
  • Added Gunshot_Rolloff_Distance setting to guns and Gunshot_Rolloff_Distance_Multiplier to silencers.
  • Added Attack_Anim_Variants, Eat_Anim_Variants, Glance_Anim_Variants and Startle_Anim_Variants settings for animals.
  • Added ClientTextChatMessenger and ServerTextChatMessenger components for mods. Docs[]
  • Vehicles missing seat transforms spawn defaults and log a warning.
  • Tidied up Dying Light content for mods and added Volatiles to zombie difficulty asset.
  • Added Rarity_Type_Label to inventory localization for switching type-rarity order.
  • Added default localization for kill quest conditions.
Level Editing:
  • Added basic support for custom weather events. Each map can have an unlimited number of custom weather types that trigger events and effects. Docs[]
  • Added Override_Atmospheric_Fog setting to ambiance volume.
  • Added CraftingBlacklistAsset which can be used per-level to restrict available crafting recipes. Docs[]
  • Made Ground Upgrade Wizard easier by timeslicing the upgrade and defaulting to grass.
Plugin Development:
  • Added -ConstNetEvents command-line flag to debug whether plugins are writing to the network buffers.
  • Added Provider.onCommenceShutdown, Provider.onBattlEyeKick, Provider.onRejectingPlayer, PlayerLife.onPlayerDied, PlayerQuests.onGroupChanged and UseableGun.onProjectileSpawned events for plugins.
  • All RPCs have individually tuned rate limits to reduce abuse of macro spam. Previously most RPCs shared a common limit.
  • Tidied up effect spawning user code with EffectManager.spawnEffect method that wraps sendEffect.
  • Images used by plugin UIs are cached, and plugins can force a refresh.
Miscellaneous Fixes:
  • Fixed destroying the rock wall on Hawaii. The collider bounds are considered for explosion obstruction tests now.
  • Fixed gap in floor collision of drivable golf cart.
  • Fixed missing barricade subclasses (e.g. traps, storage, generators) in the level editor.
  • Fixed login stance test to use newer hasHeightClearance code path.
  • Fixed delayed attack inputs on server being handled as different types (e.g. shoot as punch) by tagging client expected usage.
  • Potential fix for vehicle death issue by kicking player out before plugin callbacks.
  • Fixed null reference exception if plugin UI asset was missing.
  • Fixed some potential null reference exceptions when exiting vehicle or swapping seats.
  • Fixed older gun damage multiplier not applying to barrel attachments.
  • Fixed damaging trees or resources with nested colliders.
  • Prevent baking foliage while not in editor.
  • Fixed checked move to only ignore initially overlapping colliders.
  • Fixed accidentally shooting when dropping an item into the equipped slot with the mouse.
  • Fixed equipping item when dragging into equipment slot with mouse in multiplayer.
  • Fixed accidentally turning on headlights to drain battery of vehicles without headlights.
  • Fixed makeshift vehicles missing placement bounds and throwing an exception.
  • Fixed clamping turret yaw for driver.
  • Fixed sending inventory RPCs twice in some cases. In particular this was causing issues with multiplayer loadouts.
  • Fixed returning to main menu wasting time during shutdown.
  • Fixed vehicles burning fuel after removing the battery.
  • Fixed plugins setting stance directly rather than testing stance is allowed.
  • Fixed locally predicting removal of Steam tool target item.
Exploit Fixes:
  • Fixed infinitely removing tires using a socketwrench in the safezone.
  • Fixed checking for object obstructions when loading into singleplayer.
  • Fixed zombies losing track of players when leaving bounds vertically. Helicopters were being used to lift zombies out of range of horde beacons.
  • Fixed an undiscovered potential RPC exploit with trees.
  • Fixed glitching through ground underneath Germany ADC hangar.
  • Defer enabling character rigidbody forces until the frame after respawn to maybe fix some vehicle issues.
  • Converted industrial Dock #2 from mesh collider to box colliders to fix overlap exploits.
  • Fixed fishing rod bobber not using continuous collision detection. With the right angle it could be launched through the ground to fish anywhere on the map.
  • Fixed stance transition and obstruction tests to include player clipping. This was abuseable in some places to escape the map border.
  • Fixed foraging resources missing a distance check.
Visual Fixes:
  • Fixed Devil's Bane LOD1 to use the correct material.
  • Fixed nickname showing in spectator overlay for players in other groups.
  • Fixed paintball gun ammo model becoming visible early when reloading from empty.
  • Fixed updating viewmodel offset when sight attachment changes while aiming in multiplayer.
  • Fixed scope, character and item render texture color banding in low light.
  • Fixed transparency fov locking when changing anti-aliasing setting.
  • Fixed Lucky Coins mythical effect in first-person view.
  • Fixed bonesport compound bow inverted spikes.
The Global Relief Effort (GRE) as seen in Dying Light are airdropping humanitarian aid:

Strategically placed blue garbage bags absorb fall damage:

Players of Dying Light on Steam will receive a skin of the infamous Korek Machete 2.0:

Rumor has it that Volatile mutations are forming in the darkness:


Watch the YouTube trailer for Dying Light's in-game event featuring Unturned content.

Read the corresponding article in the Dying Light community hub. Participate in the global zombie-slaying challenge for rewards, and claim the free Unturned weapons pack!

Browse the Steam page for the crossover promotion.
Patch Notes:

  • Chat_Always_Use_Rich_Text added to server config allowing servers with plugins to force vanilla messages to use rich text formatting.
  • onThrowableSpawned event in UseableThrowable for custom throwable items.
  • Included care package, blast door and flag in example assets package.

  • Corrected orientation of Dango mythical effects and dragon tails.
  • Prevented exiting vehicle downward through ground in some cases.
  • Vehicles and players loaded above the sky limit are clamped back below.
  • Allow walking out of an object if initially overlapping. For example standing on a stump when the tree respawned was getting players stuck.
  • Throwable items default to continuous collision detection. This is to prevent fast-moving projectiles from passing through the terrain.
  • Changing gun attachments and firemodes are rate-limited.
  • Consumeable items support warming other players.
  • Inactive UI components are eligible for buttons and text formatting for server plugin UIs.
  • Cardinal directions in compass were off by 5 degrees.
Update Notes:

  • Graphics menu has more thorough explanations and performance warnings.
  • If server rejects an admin edit the changes are rolled back on the client.
  • Tooltips support rich text and have better contrast.
  • Unboxing is disabled in Belgium and the Netherlands similar to Valve games.
  • Item type in bundle descriptions matches type label.
  • Maps can link to update notes for future curated map updates.

  • Newly created devkit maps default to foliage storage v2.
  • Custom airdrop models can be overridden per-level.
  • Example package contains project settings and a few more objects. Including the "ProjectSettings.asset" ensures color space is Linear.
  • Objects can specify Causes_Fall_Damage False to prevent fall damage.

  • RocketMod is included with the dedicated server install.
  • BattlEye messages and kicks are logged.
  • Zombie spawn chances internally use weights similar to item spawns.
  • Several barricade functions ensure they are only called from the game thread.

  • Fixed performance of the skybox reflection option.
  • Fixed stitching heightmap corners when using the smooth tool.
  • Fixed file sharing of a few systems when running multiple servers on the same map.
  • Fixed admin and level editor box-selection with UI scale.
  • Fixed road material on LOD1 of the Germany dam.
NEW Easter Island Curated Map:

Welcome to Easter Island - now available in-game! From an unprecedented number of unexplored underwater relics to the unrelenting lava flow destroying the Northern shore, this map is quite an adventure.

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (1983200271) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to Easter Island in Commands.dat.

This project was created by Steven "MelonCat" Nadeau, Thom "Spebby" Mott, Ben "Paladin" Hoefer and Nolan "Azz" Ross in collaboration with Smile Dev and with thanks to Doug Soderstrom, Danaby2, Madison "Froggo" Wilder and Timo987.

If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out the Mystery Box or Bundle on the Stockpile:

Recent Changes:
  • Rocket is included in the Extras folder with several post-archival bug fixes.
  • France is available on the workshop directly from the creators.
  • Workshop file download restrictions prevent banned items.
  • Fullscreen option split into Exclusive and Borderless.

Official maps using the newer foliage system have all been updated to improve file IO performance. Beforehand each map had many separate files for individual regions. Afterward each map has only a single file combining all of them. This significantly speeds up the "validate game cache" process, downloading updates and downloading workshop maps.

For details on upgrading custom maps: Read Docs[]

  • Added "Only Equipped" filter for cosmetics and skins.
  • "Insane" skins received attachment skins by Debski.
  • Care package boxes crush players underneath them.
  • Dedicated server handles the Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break request.
  • Console explicitly defaults to UTF-8 encoding, and the UTF-8 code page on Windows. The Windows built-in SimSun font is recommended for Unicode display.
  • Changed doctor skillset and support icons to hearts.
  • Fixed several movement exploits by disabling overlap recovery and reverting move if character passed through anything.
  • Fixed loading levels with duplicate foliage or landscapes.
  • Fixed Winter Pine Tree #01 billboard red tint.
  • Fixed animal ragdoll exception if missing rigidbody.
  • Fixed sentry gun eye draw distance.
  • Fixed silent swimming exploit.
  • Fixed misc issues with missing item animations, and log if missing.
  • Fixed overlapping barricade placed on vehicle.
  • Fixed server exploit advertising different workshop items than downloaded.
  • Fixed case where gun could be dequipped immediately after shooting.
  • Fixed problems with quest rewards that granted multiple items.
  • Fixed unable to use skycrane hook and blimp in multiplayer.
  • Fixed prematurely unmuting the loading screen in a few cases.
  • Fixed delay updating lighting when Use_Skybox_Ambience is enabled.
  • Fixed sun and moon atmospheric fog color during rain and snow.
  • Fixed emissive flags on many materials.
  • Added "-LogAssemblyResolve" command-line flag.
  • Log animal and object missing animation clips with validate flag.
  • Log context for unsupported resetting of NPC quest condition in multiplayer.
Translation Tools:
  • HUD debug text can be translated in Console.dat
  • Translated EconInfo.json is now loaded from localization's folder.
  • Maps can translate location names e.g. "Oulton's_Isle Castle" in their localization files.
  • Localizations can contain a "Maps" folder with per-map translations e.g. "PEI.dat".
  • Language setup is logged during startup.
Holiday Festivities:

Throughout the winter holidays each level is sporting some seasonal decorations, from gifts of weaponry under trees to NPC outfits. Cosmetic present boxes are also dropping for a limited time.

Unlike past years where certain maps had a separate decorated version, PEI is using a new "redirector" feature that changes the map for the duration of the event. This allows saves to transfer, and for the map to be replayed in subsequent years.

Fog Density:

Historically height fog and distance fog have been configured separately, and were optional. Creators can now enforce fog from a thin morning mist to a thick soup.

Vendor Currencies:
NPCs trading for experience does not exactly make a ton of sense.

Originally the idea with the Liberator was a somewhat socialist mix of "helping out the community builds experience" and redeeming favor for items. Starting with P.Riso however, NPCs can instead trade for arbitrary "currency" items whether that be the Canadian ones, or a custom set.

For more details: Read Docs[]

Steam Inventory:
Upgrades for the in-game Steam inventory view.
  • Boxes and bundles label ambiguous item types in the description.
  • Skins list attachments and other details in their description.
  • Descriptions of items can be searched in-game.
  • Items can be sorted by factors such as rarity and name.
  • Searches match multiple tokens e.g. "mask warloc" will find the "Warlock Mask".
Respecting the Geneva Conventions:
Unturned has been unwittingly misusing the Red Cross symbol in-game, which has now been corrected. The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization, and preserving the meaning of the symbol is important to protecting their personnel and patients.

For more information: Read Here[]

Affected in-game assets include the healthbar, ambulances and medical tents which have been converted to hospital H's. If you find other uses in-game please let me know.

Quality of Life:
Pressing the Up and Down arrow keys in chat cycles through previously sent messages. This is intended to make it easier to send repeat commands.

Maps in the Singleplayer menu have links to browse internet servers running that level. For maps with complex names this should make it easier to find matching servers.

The minimum level of detail (LOD) screen size has been doubled, and player models maximum draw distance matches structures. Raising the minimum LOD seeks to prevent players from being seen before structures are drawn in. Likewise the maximum distance can no longer be raised separately.

Official proper documentation for server hosting has begun, and is linked from the Servers menu.

Resolution Overrides:

To help avoid miscellaneous issues that occasionally arrise related to resolution, several overrides have been added.
  • If Unity command-line resolution is specified the game will not try to override it.
  • In-game resolutions are overridden if -w #, -h #, -width # or -height # are specified on the command-line because those are often suggested.
  • When UI scale is misconfigured it can be fixed up with -ui_scale # on the command-line, or in the Preferences.json file.
New Gameplay Options:
Allow_Per_Character_Saves is enabled by default, but can be disabled to prevent multiple characters per account from being used to store items offline.

Group_Player_List can be disabled to hide group alliances from the in-game player list.

Friendly_Fire allows groupmates to damage each other when enabled.

Modded Content:
Vehicle Physics Profiles:

Increased control over vehicle settings can now be done in bulk with this new asset type. In particular most of the vanilla vehicles have been changed to front-wheel-drive for stability.

One of the goals introducing profiles is to improve the handling of vanilla wheeled vehicles. Feel free to experiment with the default profiles, and propose changes to them.

For more details: Read Docs[]

New Event Scripts:

Several new scripts have been added to the built-in package. These allow custom interactable objects to run extra commands now, and for chat messages to control objects similar to the Russia easter egg quest.

For more details: Read Docs[]

General Improvements:
  • Custom interactable objects can use navmesh cuts. Refer to the aircraft carrier door in the example package.
  • Body mesh replacements can hide hair and beard.
  • Hair_Override option for hats, glasses or masks to use hair material.
  • Maps on the workshop can specify the "Custom Game" category.
  • Infinite_Ammo and Infinite_Quality options for sentry guns.
  • Subdirectories of the Sandbox directory are treated as workshop folders for testing.
  • Workshop menu links to the newer documentation site.
  • Salvage_Duration_Multiplier for individual buildable items.
  • Min_Spawn_Placement and Max_Spawn_Placement for trains.
  • Hint message popup NPC reward type.
  • Door and window slots are somewhat supported on vehicles.
  • Kills_Tree NPC condition type.
  • Guns support in-world Ammo_Counter text component.
  • Allow_Collision_While_Animating option for doors to restore old behavior.
Reload Command:

When tuning assets in singleplayer the "/reload" chat command can be used to quickly reload changes to a single file. It accepts a GUID or a specific directory path to reload. For example /reload a gun asset and then equipping the gun will use the new values.

Consumeable Changes:
  • Bleeding_Modifier can be set to None, Cut or Heal.
  • Bones_Modifier can be set to None, Heal or Break.
  • Oxygen is settable and can be positive or negative.
  • Hallucination and stamina are replicated when using healing items on other players.
  • NPC rewards can be triggered with Quest_Rewards # and Quest_Reward_#_X.
  • Items can be granted with Item_Reward_Spawn_ID #, Min_Item_Rewards # and Max_Item_Rewards #.
Weapon Changes:
  • Player_Damage_Bleeding can be set to Default, Always, Never or Heal.
  • Player_Damage_Bones can be set to None, Always or Heal.
  • Player_Damage_Food, Player_Damage_Water, Player_Damage_Virus and Player_Damage_Hallucination have been added.
Level Editor Searches:
  • Search fields support multiple tokens, and masterbundle filter e.g. "mb:france".
  • Reusable lists of objects from favorite searches.
  • Resource placement tool has a search field.
For more details: Read Docs[]

Code Plugins:
Events and improvements for plugins.
  • Vanilla death menu can be disabled by EPluginWidgetFlags.ShowDeathMenu.
  • onAnyFlagUpdated event for quest progress tracking.
  • onRelayVoice event for custom voice channels.
  • sendUIEffectImageURL allows dynamic images to be loaded from a web address.
  • sendPluginJumpMultiplier override jump height.
  • onPlayerAllowedToDamagePlayer overrides friendly fire behavior.
  • Admin base editor events for auditing or permissions.
  • -NoDefaultLog command-line flag to prevent X.log file creation.
  • setLogFilePath can replace log file location while running.
  • Barricade and structure instance IDs are persisted after restart.
  • Tire tool onModifyTireRequested event.
  • Fixed pasting scale not working properly when in global coordinate system.
  • Fixed applying weights in spawn table editor.
  • Fixed flying while GUI has focus. There is a related issue with right-clicking a button and dragging off, but that will be resolved in a future Unity update.
  • Fixed reloading assets in-game loading the server versions of vehicles.
  • Fixed peeking upward through ceilings while crouched. Now the camera gets pushed downward.
  • Fixed using mannequin pose change to push self upward.
  • Fixed rapidly swapping clothes to lag server. This is now rate-limited.
  • Fixed walking on precision charges.
  • Fixed deleting groups with multiple admins allowing max members to be bypassed.
  • Fixed item pickup to respect line-of-sight test.
  • Fixed landscape heightmaps to be included in level hash.
  • Fixed teleporting while in vehicle to force out of vehicle.
  • Fixed potential cause of losing connection after dieing in a vehicle crash discarding inputs.
  • Fixed several potential mismatch issues when building RPC table.
  • Fixed handling of integers over big endian connections.
  • Fixed several potential causes of barricade and structure desync issues, and added related warnings.
  • Fixed serverside movement pausing if teleported onto a ladder.
  • Fixed rest gesture not resetting upon entering a vehicle turret.
  • Fixed hostile animals fleeing from noise alerts rather than investigating.
  • Fixed exiting vehicle when exit distance was slightly too near a wall.
  • Fixed vehicle exit ground test to consider vehicles, and allow up/down points.
  • Fixed clicking suicide button while already dead not re-opening death menu.
  • Fixed zombies falling out of the map to get teleported to a valid spawnpoint.
  • Fixed zombies not being killed by death barriers built into objects.
  • Fixed running GUI code during unused layout event.
  • Fixed item and character UI previews on MacOS.
  • Fixed Dragonfang and Hell's Fury ammo descriptions. [Thanks Jean]
NEW California Curated Map:

We hope you enjoyed these postcards from the new map! California is now available in-game, and is the first return to the United States mainland since Washington in 2015.

Watch Release Trailer Video

To host a server running the map add its workshop ID (1905768396) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to California in Commands.dat.

This project was created by clue and Renaxon with special thanks to Letgalian and Vilespring. If you'd like to support them consider checking out the Journalist and Mercenary bundles on the Stockpile:

Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Added California Journalist and Mercenary bundles to Stockpile.
  • Organized editor tools, mod hooks and project settings into Project package.
  • Documented project setup and example assets: Getting Started[]
  • Included berries, ambient audio and road textures in ExampleAssets package.
  • Fixed drag-selecting multiple items in admin building editor.
Update Notes:

Text Contrast Preferences: Settings for outlines vs shadows on text have been added to the Preferences.json file. They are split into text with colorful backdrops like the game world and map, and text with inconspicuous black/white backdrops. Values are "Default", "Outline" or "Shadow".

Door Collision: Animated colliders on doors, hatches, shutters, etc are now disabled while playing the animation until nobody is overlapping them. This is a more drastic approach aiming to prevent remaining physics exploits involving doors.

-ValidateAssets Improvements: More checks have been added, and miscellaneous core content has received fixes. Key warnings have been documented here: Read[]

Should_Delete_At_Zero_Quality: New option for useable items. Intended for disposable melee weapons that break after a certain amount of usage, but compatible with all equippable items. Can be set to true, defaults to false.

  • Mask, glasses, and hat mythical effects are horizontally centered.
  • Target (yellow) arena circle is animated on map overlay.
  • Projectiles like rockets and grenades no longer collide with world borders or collision volumes.
  • Character mesh override restores 1st person mesh for viewmodel after dequipping.
  • Grizzly magazine alignment was changed to match Zone Defender skin.
  • Skin names which did not match the item name were synchronized e.g. Crusader Blade skin was changed to Crusader Katana.
  • Carpat cosmetic texture compression was corrected.
  • Vehicles with default rigidbody and wheel collider mass are slightly increased if Wheel_Collider_Mass_Override is not set.
  • Zombie difficulty asset stun thresholds are saved from devkit.
  • Teleporting to obstructed map markers uses the highest available position.
  • Invalid quests without details or assets are excluded from quest list display.
  • Monolith object uses gravel physical material like other boulders.
  • Zeus hair normals are smoothed like the base hair.
  • Doors can be placed in House_12 porch doorway.
  • Attachments with missing models will not be spawned, and warnings are logged during loading.
  • If individual asset version is higher than master bundle version it will be used instead.
  • Materials with standard shader and transparent render mode have keywords set similar to fade mode. Previously only fade render mode had keywords adjusted.
  • HWID includes several other factors, as a concern with deviceUniqueId was raised.
  • Closing admin editor cancels drag.
Autumn leaves coat the ground, the smell of pumpkin spice lingers in the air, and literal green zombies are stampeding around breaking car physics, stacking on each others heads and eating solid objects... it must be Halloween!

Until November 1st the event is active:
  • Decorations have been added to some towns on all of the official maps, and the Liberator dress-up party has returned.
  • Halloween Gift Presents containing costumes and skins are dropping.
  • Several community-created items have been accepted to the Stockpile. In particular the Warlock and Obsidian Knight bundles are quite appropriately themed!
Enjoy your Halloween, and happy trick-or-treating!

Edit: The 2019 Steam Halloween Sale is now live, and for the first time Unturned item bundles are discounted in the Stockpile! Browse Discounts Here

Unity 2018.4 LTS:
Unturned has upgraded from 2017.4 to 2018.4. This change should be mostly behind-the-scenes, but I'll be keeping two eyes out for the bug reports. Some of the direct benefits include:
  • Nested prefabs for modders, significantly speeding up asset development
  • Headless dedicated server optimizations and performance improvements.
  • Significantly improved .NET / mono stability, and stability in general.
  • Terrain rendering CPU optimizations via instancing.
For more details on the update: Read More Here[]
In the future this will allow us to update the outdated post-process effects, and take advantage of the scriptable render pipeline for superior performance.

Miscellaneous Changes:
  • Added -ValidateAssets command-line option, and moved some of the slower asset checks behind this flag.
  • Asset checks for missing meshes are now more thorough for more asset types.
  • Multiple workshop maps can be specifically highlighted at a time now.
  • Reworked logging systems, in particular benefiting servers. All information is in the Client.log or Server_XYZ.log files now.
  • Fixed item drop exception for misconfigured animals.
  • Lighting material values are cached before changing.
  • Disabled unused Unity player loop subsystems.
  • Object visibility updates are only checked while changing zones.
  • Text outlines are only used on colorful backgrounds, and other text now has shadows instead.
  • Fixed featured item labels to only show during new time window.
  • Updated all vanilla terrain shaders to take advantage of instancing, and corrected some specular lighting issues.
  • Fixed small values in some attachments being ignored.
  • Sort-of workaround for GUI color problem on MacOS.
  • Improved material and shader fixup process for older asset bundles.
  • Stripped a variety of code that should not be in the game itself.
  • Mute game volume on loading screen. There were some annoying noises depending where the loading camera was.
  • Updated from SplatPrototypes to TerrainLayers API.
  • Replaced usage of WWW with UnityWebRequest.
  • Prevent duplicate asset bundle loading in the pending master bundle list.

Edit: 3.19.16.x Patch Notes