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The lag is strong with this one.
VarajaaPurple Reign [score hidden] just now

same lmao, this happens to me every single game

I stopped improving - any tips?
DerJulesPathfinder [S] [score hidden] just now

Thanks, sorry, I clarified!

This never even made me mad, but my breath left my body so fast
rapozaum [score hidden] just now


The Kraber dude posted his POV yesterday.

The Pride: Legend token purchase locked (Bug)?
40PE[S] [score hidden] just now

nope, and I realized that only by getting the primary skin will allow purchasing for legendary token. thx for your reply.

People never check the antennas for enemies. I was just waiting for my teammate to get into the ring (for some reason he wanted to loot outside the ring for ages) and this duo happened to come by
Saulcio [score hidden] just now

now that would be a fun hero that could deploy some sort of wings to hoover from high grounds. Would have a lot of synergy with octanes jumppad, take jumppad, open wings to reach even further.

Don't rush your shots
PS4_better_than_xboxMirage [score hidden] just now

Hey just an idea but what if u put this on r/apexuniversity

General Grievous Revenant - Starwars x over Skin concept
DaddySpotifyAce of Sparks [score hidden] just now

When I saw Revenant I immediately thought of Grievous' pre-cyborg design! The similarities are clearly there so this skin just fits so well! Pls respawn, make it happen

Gibby's Heirloom???
Bujusc [score hidden] 1 minute ago

Honestly I hope that instead of it just being like some dumb dull boring military knife, I hope that itís an heirloom skin for the g-7 because bangabic is always pictured with the g-7 so just give her an heirloom for that

Coincidence I think not...
TheEnKrypt [score hidden] 1 minute ago

Is it possible to get so good at aiming that you snipe someone on a different reddit post?

I will never top this ??
MW_PLAYZ_YTPlastic Fantastic [score hidden] 2 minutes ago

I want one too! Wait... I can't eat... :(

Rogue using an ingame tracker that show players names and ranks
Harmxn-London Calling [score hidden] 2 minutes ago

I mean I guess

There's this scoreboard overlay for a game I play and it shows Rank/Highest Rank/KD/Winloss/ Kills/Deaths/2 Favourite Operators + all those stats for that specific season.

It was implemented to combat cheaters and that way people knew if they were fighting one.

It gave way more info than just the people's names and ranks.

And to add to the fact that the dude in question is a Predator and he most likely plays against everyone the same way, by tryharding.

Don't rush your shots
TwoShotsLad3Octane [score hidden] 2 minutes ago

Same with the Tripple Take. It just uses so much ammo it's insane.

Are they ever going to fix the ninja settings?
nibtard_66Wattson [score hidden] 2 minutes ago

Just because you don't download anything doesn't mean the game hasn't been updated

6 people teamed up and killed me and my friend in duos, then proceeded to tea bag us.
17elickcl [score hidden] 3 minutes ago

The sight of 6 people t-bagging your box isnít funny?